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Kit Cat Purée Chicken & Scallop – The Best Cat Treat Reviews

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Kit Cat International is a brand born out of Singapore that has found its way into the Australian marketplace. Founded in 2013, Kit Cat was originally focused on supporting local animal shelters who couldn’t afford proper cat litter. Since developing affordable cat litter, they have expanded to a number of different product lines for our feline friends including various food types and even cat accessories.

Kit Cat highlights that their products focus on human grade ingredients with superior quality, while still being affordable for cat owners. Their brand now has a wide international audience with well over thirty countries carrying their products. In recent times, Kit Cat has won numerous awards including the Top 10 Animal Health Product in Asia in 2023 and the Cat Food Wet Product Of The Year in 2022 (at the Pet Innovation Awards). They are one of the biggest Cat food success stories in Asia and still have plenty of potential to grow!

The vast majority of their food (including this one) is made in Thailand under their supervision, whereas their dry food is manufactured in Europe.


To date, Kit Cat food has not been recalled. In Australia, pet food recalls are only mandatory for brands that have decided to work within the Australian Standard for Manufacturing and Marketing of Pet Food (Standard AS5812:2017). All members of the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia comply with these standards and at the time of publishing, Kit Cat International is not a member of the Association. 

Product Line Commentary

Today, we are taking a closer look at the Kit Cat Purr Purée Chicken and Scallop treats. Purée treats have gained immense popularity with cat owners and is often a massive hit with even the fussiest of cats. As always, let’s review what to look for in a treat before we take a closer look at what makes these treats such a delight for cats!

What to Look for in a Treat?

Like any food, as cats are obligate carnivores, we want to look for treats that are meat first. Ideally, we prefer minimal ingredients beyond meat but additions such as taurine and other essential nutrients are okay. We would tend to avoid any treats that have ingredient lists that run off the page (up to 5 seems like a reasonable number).

We also like treats to be lower in calories when possible. The general guideline is to never feed more than 10% of the cat’s caloric intake but honestly, 10% is actually quite a lot. Treats are exactly that. Treats. They should be given occasionally and to reward things like good behaviour or during special times like training.

Over feeding treats (of any type) may cause your cat to become addicted and lead to behavioural problems. It also leads to increased calorie intake, which could create unexpected weight gain. With purée treats, it’s a bit easier as a full tube is often a decent serving for a cat and not too bad in terms of calories.

Addictive Mix of Ingredients

With 8 ingredients, these treats do have a bit more than the average treat. The proteins, as expected are chicken and scallop, while other key ingredients like starch, thickener and tuna give the treats its unique creamy texture and flavour. We’re happy with the named proteins, but wished they specified the thickeners. While unlikely to be an issue, some cats do react to certain thickeners and some like guar gum can be controversial.

In addition, the treat boasts Omega 3 and 6, along with essential nutrients such as Taurine and Vitamin E. Not bad for a treat! Furthermore, a nice bonus is that since this is a wet treat, there is additional hydration which, as you know, we always try to recommend for cat owners and one of the key reasons for having a primarily wet food diet!

Irresistible Texture and Flavour

If your cat finds lick-able treats irresistible, there’s a good chance they will also like mousse textured wet food. Purée treats tend to have seafood additions (often including higher end ones such as shrimp or shellfish) and this one is no different. The stronger smelling ingredients tend to increase the palpability and cats enjoy lapping up the treats similar to how many cats like to lick the gravy off of wet food.

The treat is available in 15g servings in packs of 4 with a calorie breakdown of 115kcal/100g. This works out to approximately 17kcal for a 15g tube. This would be the equivalent to at least a few treats with many other treat products (such as Blackcat or Meat Mates), so be wary of that. Note that Kit Cat only provides a typical analysis (an intended average), not a guaranteed analysis for this food.

Typical analysis

Protein (min) – 7%

Fat (min) – 0.1%

Fibre (max) – 1%

Ash (max) – 2%

Moisture (max) – 89%

Salt < 2%

Where to Buy and Cost

Kit Cat Purée treats can be found at a number of leading retailers including: Pet Circle, Petstock, and Petpost. They are priced around $5 for a 4 pack. Compared to other treats, they can be considered more expensive given that most people feed a full tube at a time. However, each tube is larger than the average creamy treat size, so you can mitigate this by splitting a tube into multiple feeds.

Ingredient List

Deboned Chicken, Fresh Scallop, Water, Modified Starch, Thickening Agent, Tuna Extract, Taurine, Vitamin E

Nutritional Information

Deboned Chicken – source of meat protein

Fresh Scallop – source of shellfish protein

Water – hydration

Modified Starch – binder/thickener

Thickening Agent – thickener

Tuna Extract – flavour enhancer

Taurine – essential amino acid 

Vitamin E – source of vitamin E

Indy’s Review

So does Indy the cat like it? 

Yes, Indy goes absolutely crazy for Kit Cat Chicken & Scallop Purr Purée treats.

Like most cats, Indy loves to lick the purée until there’s nothing left. Unfortunately Indy gets so excited that he tries to bite the packaging because he’s too eager to eat it!

Because of the way purée treats are dispensed and Indy’s enthusiasm, we usually use these type of treats to reward Indy after doing things he doesn’t like (e.g. going to the vet, taking a bath etc.). They certainly turn that frown upside down!

While Indy loves the taste of the treats and will always eagerly want more, treats are meant to be fed on occasion and we recommend owners feed treats from time to time .

The good

  • Deboned chicken as the primary protein and luxury scallops to top it off
  • Tuna flavouring for high palatability
  • Larger portion size tubes relative to other creamy treats
  • Highly palatability for a treat

The bad

  • More expensive than the average creamy treat
  • Unknown thickening Agent


  • Species appropriate (weight 0.3) – 9 / 10
  • Ingredients (weight 0.3) – 8 / 10
  • Recall Track record (weight 0.2) – 10 / 10
  • Price (weight 0.2) – 7 / 10

Average Score – 8.5 / 10

Weighted Score – 8.5 / 10

The Bottom Line: There are few treats that get Indy jumping off the wall as much as purée ones. While some minor cons on the ingredient list, because of how much Indy loves it, it’s hard to not always have some of these in your cat pantry.

If you spot an error in this article, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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