Our Mantra: Informative Reviews for Better Cat Nutrition

Where to begin?

Every first time cat owner who has taken a walk down the cat food aisle remembers that feeling of being overwhelmed with choices. So many brands. Wet food? Dry food? Breed specific food. How does one know where to start?

Researching food can be a time consuming process and relying on vet advice is not as straightforward as one would think. Unfortunately, Vets are not experts on feline nutrition and recommendations are often cookie cutter recommendations from the most vet marketed brands.

Understanding Cat Food

Leading up to the adoption of my kitten, we spent a lot of time researching across different resources and experts, eventually learning the foundations of understanding cat food. It became clear that much of “figuring out cat food” was identifying quality food vs marketing fluff.

It was difficult to find good reviews when googling “Brand XYZ review”, and we often found that the review was based primarily on if cats like the food or not. Much like evaluating human food, this is not a good way to evaluate cat food. We like McDonald’s, but we certainly shouldn’t be eating that regularly!

Our Mission

This site has a simple purpose: to provide clear informative reviews on quality cat food to ensure that cat owners can make better decisions on feline nutrition. I’m a big believer that nutrition is the cornerstone of your cat’s wellbeing and the single most important choice you make to ensure they live a long healthy life (similar to humans!). 

Especially, if you’re a new cat owner, we want you to get you off on the right foot. Keep an eye out for general food guides and tips, which are in the works as we speak! If you want to see what Indy is eating these days, check out his current diet!

Our Reviews

In every review, you will find independent analysis, ingredient breakdowns and clear reasons why you might want to (or not want to) choose this food. We love analysing cat food and all about continually learning. If you’d like a specific review, please leave a comment!

Our website started with a focus on food products we would feed Indy, but based on feedback, we have started expanding outside this niche onto more conventional brands like Hill’s, Royal Canin etc. We are also Australia focused, whereas many cat food websites are American focused offering product lines that are not found in Australia.  

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to provide correct and valuable information, reviews, opinions and information is not veterinary advice and does not replace proper consultation with a veterinarian over the health of your cat. Information and reviews are subject to change and it is always recommended to further investigate the topic and source of information.

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